Women’s Only Self Defense-Over 25 years


Sensei Bettina Ishimaru is an Experienced 5th degree Shotokan Karate Instructor, 3rd Renbukai Karate Instructor, USA Karate Official, USA karate member 2018, Current 2018 Safe Sport vetted (back round) , Red Cross Certified 2018. In addition, she has studied Chin Na (hand and joint locking) and Traditional Wing Chun (trapping). She has taught thousands of children, teens and adults self defense through traditional methods that work in real life scenarios.She travels nationally and internationally to Japan to further her studies updating techniques.

She has taught at various PPS schools and non profits including PPS after school for 18 years at Richmond Elementary, Seminars include: Roosevelt High School, Harriet Tubman Middle School, Grout Elementary, Mount Tabor Middle School, Metropolitan Family Services, Oregon Buddhist Temple, The Power of Me seminars, Urban Bridges Studio, Cascadia , IRCO, Shout House, and the The Urban League.

She is a mother and has raised two children in PDX. She is New York native that transplanted to PDX in 2001 and has been locally teaching martial arts since then.IMG_8370.jpgHeld monthly. All groups welcome. 2 hour and 4 hour sessions available.