Pacific Renbukai has 40 years Experience. Locally owned and operated. CURRENT 2019 Certified JAPAN, JKF.

We Are Officially a JKF member Japan Renbukai Karate OrganizationIMG_3545.  Chief Instructor Shihan Sensei Robert Ishimaru began his martial arts training in 1975.   Born and raised in Japan he is honored to keep his culture alive in the USA.  Sensei Bettina Ishimaru began her training in 1984. They have been committed to traditional karate instruction in PDX since 2001. They teach traditional karate with emotional IQ and take responsibility for passing the art form on to others. Being part of All- Japan Federation Renbukai since 2008-they are true professionals.

  Is it time to Explore a different activity for yourself or a family member? The best karate will provide you with a powerful experience for self growth.  Give Pacific Renbukai karate a call or send an email. Most importantly, traditional karate do is an  athletic activity that teaches self discipline  unique to the study of martial arts and  budo. If you or your child are interested in competition we offer elite training compliant with USA Karate/ WKF KARATE rules and participate in all local, regional and National Tournaments.

  With a history of Instructing  in PDX for over 20 years we have the experience to provide the best karate for your family.  Our curriculum and training is under the governance and rules of JKF Renbukai and USA Karate.  We travel to Japan to train and reinforce our traditional techniques of our style. At USA Karate sanctioned events we compete with rules and guidance of WKF and Olympic standards.  The best karate is available to all ages and it can also be available to you.  Adults and children can  practice  separately or together. All are welcome to our club. We do not discriminate.

  We teach in a Traditional Manner with a  modern emotional intelligence because that is what our community wants. For everyday training, our curriculum consists of Japanese katas (forms) of intricacy and history, kihon built for self defense with practical applications and kumite (sparring) for counterattacking.  Classes are convenient with multiple time slots at 3 locations in SE and SW Portland. Our training focuses on  elite athletes and the novice beginner. We offer more opportunities to  compete in regional, national and international events unlike our competitors.

   There are city wide Women’s Only Self Defense Classes attended by teens, and adults and taught exclusively by Sensei Bettina Ishimaru a 25 year veteran of self defense training in Traditional karate, Wing chun- hand trapping, and Chin Na- joint locking and seizing. A no men policy group gives women the opportunity to share and learn safely without bias.

  As Pacific Renbukai karate we are committed to our clients, to community and to PDX families while adhering Japanese traditions and excellence. We are USA KARATE Members 2018, ALL-Japan Karate Federation Renbukai members (Kanagawa, JP.) and currently Safe Sport vetted 2018 to insure your quality of instruction. The journey is long and difficult but it is worth the effort.  Remember Pacific Renbukai is the best Karate in PDX.


    • 232 SE Oak Street, Suite 104- Central Eastside PDX,TUESDAY- THURSDAY: 11 HOUR SESSIONS WEEKLY.
    •  South West Downtown PDX- By Appointment only- MONDAYS/TUESDAYS/THURSDAYS 7:30-9:00PM: 3 HOURS weekly
    • 2276 SE 41st Street-  South East- PPS Japanese Immersion Students Only- FRIDAYS 2:15-3:30PM