Adult Traditional Japanese Karate Classes- ALL classes will be private lesson on line format

Obon 2012  


—Until state wide lock down is lifted all classes will be held online in a private lesson format.

Please call 503-975-0448 for schedule availability.. ONLINE CLASSES are very POPULAR we have more than 40+ students as of Jan 1, 2021  participating in our RENBUKAI online privates! Join us.

 Traditional classes focused on technique training and accuracy of body mechanics. You can train with other adults and/or with other family members. We work hard and our students get results. They compete and win regionally and nationally.

Women, Men and  teens and children classes offered Weekdays and Nights.  We focus on,  kihon (drills), Kata (forms), Kumite (sparring USA KARATE/) and speed/agility training and self defense. Online Endurance for Sparring

Parents can work out with children along side of them if there are more than 2 family members, the rest of the family is FREE>