Pacific Renbukai 錬武会

Traditional Japanese Karate

Learn to Gain Confidence to Compete and Perform with Excellence

Forget watered down versions of martial arts. It is not too late to learn an authentic one.

We have the most Experience with over 40 Years of Traditional Martial Arts teaching  and extensive training. Our two Chief Instructors are certified in Japan and in the USA.   If you have not  joined a  traditional USA/World Karate Federation compliant Olympic Karate  martial art club,  you have missed out on an actual education in martial arts. Don’t worry! It is not too late to join our clubs. We will help you be a solid and sharp martial artist with true fundamentals that work.

At Pacific Renbukai Karate we offer no shortcuts to success.  We emphasize persistence, perseverance and  delayed gratification in our classes so our students can grow into strong and self aware practitioners. New and old students refine their skills so that they are imbeded in their muscle memory ready to be used in self defense. There is no shortcut to growing a strong tree with good roots that survive the harshness of the seasons.



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