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Join All Japan Karate Federation and gain the advantage over everyone else.


Introducing private online classes in your home via zoom and Skype. We have the most Experience with over 40 Years of Traditional Martial Arts teaching  and extensive training and safesport certified. Our two Chief Instructors are certified with All JKF Renbukai in Japan and nationally with  USA

Karate, team proud supporters of Tokyo Olympics 2020.   Don’t miss  out on an actual education in martial arts. Forget watered down versions of martial arts where you are shown techniques that injure your own body or are incomplete. There are classes 5 days a week at many PDX locations!  We will help you be a solid martial artist with true fundamentals that work in self defense or  develop a competitive athlete that can achieve Regional , National or Olympic success and compete effectively.


EDUCATION IN EXCELLENCE and have fun along the way..

Enjoy various ONLINE private lesson training packages to fit your individual needs for kids,adults and families who want to train together or apart. See our karate

training for  beginners, intermediate athletes and advanced or competitive, Programs for Children or try any of our Classes for Adults who are willing to explore one of the oldest Japanese Karate Ryus in Japan.  Explore Renbukai’s history on Wikipedia showing our strong traditional karate lineage and connections to the culture of Japan. We train in forms (KATA), drills sets (KIHON) and KUMITE (sparring which is structured or freestyle at intermediate level). We also offer high aerobic training for sparring competitors.

At Pacific Renbukai Karate We offer no shortcuts to success. Now we come to you via the internet into your home and train you personally.With immediate feedback individually. You begin by learning correct methods of blocking,kicking,punching and standing in a structured safe setting.  Then at an advanced level you can journey onto pressure point attacks, power and speed training and even take downs and joint locking jujitsu with correct historical application from KATAOur classes are structured so our students can grow into strong and self aware practitioners and athletes. We train State, Regional Winners and National Qualifiers.  New and old students refine their skills so that they are  muscle memory ready for self defense and quickened for demanding competition in USA /WKF KARATE . There is no shortcut to growing a strong tree with good roots that survive the harshness of the seasons.



A. You will learn Self Defense by stability of footwork, proper blocking and counter- movements that are NOT made up, but refined for over 100 years.

B. You will learn Self Confidence by understanding at your own pace and being part of a local dojo, a national organization such as USA Karate and Japanese certified Ryu in Japan part of JKF.

C. You will advance by adhering to a set of rules for Belt Advancement and Education


D. While training you will partake in a Practice makes perfect” attitude that stresses repetitive improvement and muscle memory advantage.

E. In practices and competition no one will sit on the bench and everyone can participate.

F. There is always Gender Equality, as men and women can train.

G. Families can practice together.

H. There are no dangerous head locks or choke out submissions allowed for children.

I. There is no wrestling with others where boundaries of safety are not respected.




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