Karate Brought to Your Home via Skype or Zoom

It is working. We are Working together. Over 40 students strong. All online all participating in private sessions weekly. Now you can join us.

All current karate members are receive online private lessons via Skype or ZOOM. 

Individual lesson for students to practice at home every day.

Members will be allowed to schedule a single 30 or 45 minute private class per week. Families are encouraged to practice together.

Two member families will be permitted 1.5 hours per week. All parents, relatives are encouraged to  practice together with their member.

Allowed days and times : Monday-Friday 9 :00 AM- 7:00PM

Scheduling requests will be received via email : pacrenbogukarate@gmail.com and or text 503-975-0448.

Permanent scheduling times will be taken on a first come first serve basis.

Please schedule quickly so that you can get your preferred time and day.

Utilizing ZOOM

Check your email for a zoom invite.

Join ZOOM for FREE and create an ACCOUNT.

Call or text or email sensei to confirm desired class time.

                                                During the Session

Be ready 10 minutes before to coordinate connectivity.

Have your students dressed in uniform.

Provide space for your student to move in forms and drills.

Make sure your can assist your student during the entire lesson. Connectivity may be lost. Your student might not hear or understand what I am saying so be prepared to help:)