4 Locations in PDX: Inner SE and Inner SW.

*210 SE Madison Street (Shout House Theater) hours-4-6PM–WED/5-6PM Tues/Thurs

*232 SE Oak Street, RM 104. hours- 6:05-7PM Tues/Wed/Thurs

*SW 2nd Ave, Downtown PDX- hours 7:45-8:45 PM. Mon/Tue/Thur (Men Only-Invite only)

* 2276 SE 41st Ave, PDX- Richmond Elementary Japanese School. Fridays 2:15-3:30


PRACTICE SCHEDULE : 2019 Google Calendar –


American Academy Of Pediatrics 2016 Study reports a “..Karate has a lower and and usually less severe injury rate than in any other martial art forms..”

According to …Youth Participation and Injury Risk in Martial Arts, RA Demorset…

Martial arts that involve sparring  can be safer with rigrorous enforcement of rules prohibiting excessive force, dangerous movements, or blows to forbidden areas are prohibited and discouraged.  When  safety education is promoted and taught to  all athletes and instructors injuries are decreased.   All Pacific Renbukai Instructors are educated through USA Karate and Safesport with current rules guidelines strickly enforced with certification and accreditation.

In a study of karate participants younder than 18 years, a reported injury risk over a 12 month time period of 5.6 per 100 athletes was identified.   Karate focuses on techniques that just fall short on contact has been shown to have a lower injury rate compared to other martial arts…

There is a great danger in MMA injury as the  adult risk of injury is well documented in Adult matches. Overall risk of injury has been reported as 85.1 to 228.7 per 1000 athletic exposures- which is higher than other contact sports IE, college football with is 8.1 per 1000 athletic exposures.   Head and neck injuries accounted for 67%-78% of total injuries in MMA.


TED TALKS- Delayed Gratification

Traditional karate is based on a belt system of advancement that considers skill, age and ability to cooperate with others.In karate training self control is enforced and the joy of delayed gratification becomes enhanced.

Shodan Candidate Clayton Stacey

IMG_0055After over 8 years training in Karate Clay Stacey is on his way to receiving his Shodan. IMG_9896Here are some views of Clay……IMG_9239IMG_7498


USA National Karate-do Federation


Robert and Bettina Camden-Ishimaru Senseis are Official Members of USA KARATE 2019.

They are both Safe SPORT CERTIFIED course completion and renewal 2019. NCSI Green light approved.

The Camden-Ishimaru coach/instructors are both 2019 USA KARATE OFFICIAL license holders for KATA and KUMITE.

IMG_0020Oregon State Team medalists 2018.

Regional QUALIFIERS- MAC CLUB MAY 2018IMG_0318USA Karate 2018 National Championships, Reno, Nevada. IMG_0003

NATIONALS CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018—Local Bettina Ishimaru Sensei  BRONZE MEDAL in KATA Master-Seniors division.

Congratulations! Gumbare