Register for 2022-Limited Spaces


 IN PERSON at our New 6415 S. Macadam Ave Location Training

in a large traditional Japanese dojo.



Tuesdays 4:15-5:00 Ages 5-11 years -All skill sets

Tuesdays -5:15-6:30  Ages 12+ Teen/Adult Only

Tuesdays- 6:45-7:45 MEN ONLY, Application required, BOGU- EXTRA Bogu FEES


Thursdays- 4:30-5:00 new student intro  optional

Thursdays= 5:00-5:50 Ages 5-11 years- All skill sets

Thursdays-6:00-6:50  Ages 12+ Teen/Adult

Thursdays- 7:00-8:00 MEN only, Application required, BOGU EXTRA Bogu FEES –


Sundays: Advanced only (brown and up) 11:15-12:30. Once Monthly (see google calendar)

Wednesdays- TBD Jan 2022-on Site Richmond Elementary- on Hold

Online: day and time to be consistent scheduled per quarter. Lessons lasting 45 min.


Individual- single – Per Quarter -ongoing-3 months of lessons- Children, teens, Young Adult non Bogu


Family- 2 or more- Per Quarter-ongoing -3 months of lessons






6:45- 7:45PM or 7:00- 8:00PM— Program

Interview  and application required. Fees collected at Sight per scheduled group lessons. Rates DO NOT include extra BOGU /Full Contact training fees.