Karate Uniforms, Safety Equipment, Belt Advancement

Required for your Karate Practice-

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Traditional Highest Quality Uniform Japanese Cut. Local vendor.

Thick weight and proper styling, and can be worn during practice. 100% cotton 12.5 oz.

Size guide:

(Please note: Uniforms shrink and arm and leg length are general and not custom)

Size:0 50lbs or under, Size:1 50lbs-70lbs, Size:2 70lbs-90lbs, Size: 3 90lbs-105lbs, Size: 4 105lbs-130lbs, Size:4.5 130lbs-145lbs, Size 5: 145lbs-185lbs, Size 5.5: 185lbs-200lbs,  Size 6: 200+lbs




Required for Sparring:

Men and Female—–Mouth guard-     

Boys and MEN ONLY—–

Karate type groin guard Boys –   

Karate type groin guard MEN–    

For hands:

Kensho sparring gloves. RED or BLUE only. Sizes: Small (children)/Med (10 years+)/Large (large teen Adult)/XL (adult)

For legs and feet:

Kensho karate shin guard with foot protectorTokaido WKF shin instep guards. XS (small child) S- (10+ teen), M-(large teen small adult),L-(adult, teen),xl (adult-L)


For body under uniform:

Kensho karate chest protector whiteKensho Chest Protector- SM(kids), M(teen), L(adults), XL (Large adults)




Belt advancement test (non BROWN) and (BROWN)-

(Non Brown)